- March 29 - OMS Virtually - New Google Site and Final Details Before Distance Learning Begins
 - this site contains all the information you need as we begin instruction on Monday, March 30.

Email your child's teacher if you need a Google Classroom code.

Just before each teacher's Zoom meeting, they will share the meeting link with students in Google Classroom.
 - Answering a Few Questions Regarding Virtual Learning - 3-26-20 (FAQs for Parents - see below) - Virtual Learning Details - 3-25-20 - First Video Update - 3-20-20

Teachers will have content posted in their Google Classrooms beginning Monday, March 30.

As always, questions about assignments and grading should be directed to your child's teachers.

  • We do expect every student to participate in the learning activities provided by teachers.
  • Activities will be loaded by Monday morning each week by teachers.
  • Students must at least "check in" with each teacher by Thursday, 12:00 p.m.
  • Students will have until Sunday at 12:00 p.m. to complete the assignments.
  • Teachers will have at least one grade entered into Focus by Wednesday of the following week.
  • All core teachers will have two times each week where they will be available for 30 minutes using Zoom.  A link to each meeting will be posted in each teacher's Google Classroom just before the actual meeting begins.  All students should sign in using their first and last name.  

If you are not familiar with Zoom, please understand this is a video/audio platform allowing teachers to interact with students in real-time.  If you have a school Chromebook, the camera is now activated.  

You might want to have the camera covered until you are ready to use the device.  Also, always be sure to fully exit out of the Zoom meeting to ensure the video and audio have closed.

We expect teachers to provide at least two hours of work per subject, per week.