Each year, OMS is given the opportunity to nominate one student for the prestigious Carson Scholars Award.  It is time for us to select a nominee.
Here are the requirements:
The student must be a current student at OMS and be in 8th grade.
The student must have never received the Carson Scholars Award in the past.
The student must have a 3.75 or higher GPA for the current school year.
The student must be involved in community service activities.
If you are interested in your child being considered for this award, please email Mr. Hopper - donnie.hopper@capecharterschools.org. Please respond to Mr. Hopper by Wednesday, November 13. We do have students we are considering for this nomination, but we will consider all names we receive.
Our Carson Scholars Award Committee will review all students to determine if they meet the requirements. We will then select one student to submit as the OMS nominee. Our submission does not necessarily mean the student will be selected.